Destiny Smith

Destiny Smith

Destiny Smith, Scheduling Coordinator, is a small town girl!  She grew up in Stroud and graduated from Stroud High School.  Destiny enjoys working full time in the town she has grown up.  She is a people person, a social butterfly who loves being around friends and family and interacting with them.  Destiny is around people all day at work and likes to interact and talk to people in person, on the phone and on her social sites.  She enjoys watching sports, playing games, and shopping! Her goals are to learn all that she can and live life the best she can with no regrets.


    • Monday: 8a - 5p
    • Tuesday: 8a - 5p
    • Wednesday: 8a - 5p
    • Thursday: 8a - 5p
    • Friday: 8a - 2p
    • Saturday: Closed
    • Sunday: Closed


401 West Main Street
Stroud, OK 74079
Phone: 918-968-1606
Fax: 918-968-1635
[email protected]